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If you’re reading this, you’re likely looking for a naturopathic treatment or a clinic in a Vancouver or Surrey area

Hi, my name is Dr. William Russell, and as a naturopathic physician, I am here to help guide you through your journey of self discovery and what it means for you as an individual to be healthy.

We as Naturopathic Physicians (ND’s or naturopaths) are general practitioners trained as specialists in natural medicine.

In a nutshell, we restore health using therapies from the sciences of clinical nutrition, herbal medicine, homeopathy, physical medicine, exercise therapy, counseling, Bach flower remedies, laboratory testing, nutritional and dietary assessments, metabolic analysis, allergy testing, and other diagnostic tests.

(yes, it’s a very large nutshell)

Your Very Own Naturopathic Practitioner

I work with each person right here in Semiahmoo Wellness Centre in beautiful White Rock, BC. as an individual to design a treatment program that addresses your specific needs, acknowledging the importance of you as a participant in your own health.

The primary goal of my treatment is to address the cause of your illness, rather than simply treat or suppress your symptoms.

We, as naturopaths, see you as a whole person and  take the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual dimensions into account when making an assessment and developing strategies for recovery of health.

If you’re looking to get more information on how we can help you restore your natural vitality and health, give us a ring at 604-535-4003 (just ask for Dr. Bill), or send us an email. I’d love to her from you.

Nothing pleases me more than to help patients optimize their state of well-being.

My Views On Health

Being healthy is not just the absence of symptoms. It is having a complete balance between ones physical body, emotional, mental and spiritual self.

Unfortunately, with our busy lives today, I see this balance disrupted too often. This is either due to various factors such as physical and emotional stress, the environment, diet or genetic predisposition and belief systems.

As our lives are always changing and evolving, so is our state of health. We are not the same person that we were last year, last month or last week. To be healthy we have to learn to embrace the ebb and flow of our lives.

What is healthy for you is not necessarily what is healthy for another person. Finding what our own individual state of optimal health is the key to finding lifelong balance in all areas of our lives.

This is essential because all healing comes from within ourselves. As a physician, my role is to help identify and remove obstacles to healing and to nurture and empower you through the process of discovering your own ability and capacity to heal.

Take control of your health today: give me a call at 604-535-4003 or send me an email




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